The demand for vegan products and services grows continuously. Not only in Germany, where within the last few years a huge number of vegan supermarkets and restaurants has opened, where vegan cookbooks are bestsellers and the number of vegans has exceeded 1.000.000 people. Veganism is a trend, and it has also reached Spain. In large cities like Barcelona you will find quite a few vegan restaurants, but buying vegan products is still not as easy as it is in Germany, where the yearly revenues reach new records every year. It has become a huge market, because it doesn’t only attract vegans, but also people who are generally interested in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Revenue with veggie products in Germany

New vegan cookbooks in Germany


Lovegano_mittelLoVegano has been the first vegan supermarket on Mallorca. The island has become a hotspot for people who enjoy vegan nutrition or a healthy lifestyle in general. Restaurants and hotels have recognized this development, and address these target groups with new offers, meals and products. LoVegano itself had to move to a bigger location pretty soon after opening the first shop, because the demand was too big to handle in a small location. Our customers not only want alternatives to meat, but also superfoods, vegan cosmetics and so much more.

Our product range has been expanded continuously and our revenues grow. We are about to install new points of sale on the island, we cooperate with restaurants and have a lot of ideas. And there’s a rising interest from other people who would like to work with us.

A few facts and figures

products are in our range
square metres shop area
clients per month
% more revenues compared to last year

Get involved and benefit from the vegan boom!

Invest into LoVegano!

LoVegano grows and grows, but we need some support to grow even faster. Now the timing is perfect to invest money into a growing market. Benefit from the vegan boom together with us! We offer different ways of investment and participation. You can invest starting by 10.000 Euros. We would use your investment to expand our product range and offer more services in the shop. We want to offer fresh food like organic vegetables, but also a snack bar within the shop. We want to install more points of sale on Mallorca, improve our online shop, offer delivers on the island and much more.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us under!

Open a LoVegano point of sale!

acai1You can find our flagship store in Palma, but that doesn’t mean you can only buy our products here. Since April 2016 we have another point of sale within the vegan restaurant Açai in Inca, and we are planing on more point of sales.

If you have a location, in which you would like to sell our products, let us know! We will support you in every which way. We offer to build our beautiful LoVegano shelves and put together a nice range of products for you, for example with our bestselling products. Of course everything can be compiled like you wish. We will fill up your shelves and you get a sales provision. Of course we will inform you about everything you need to know about the products.

For more Details please contact us at We are looking forward to your ideas!

Create vegan offers in your restaurant or hotel!


You own a restaurant, a café or a hotel and you would like to offer more vegan options? Let’s talk!

  • We advise you in creating vegan options
  • We train your staff for working with vegan food
  • We deliver all the products you need
  • We help you to get discovered!

Sounds interesting to you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at!